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First and foremost, THANK YOU for your support!!!

It is an eventful day with your enthusiasm! We would like to apologize for all the inconvenience and trouble caused,as we are still in the learning progress of achieving a better event.

Jog for Hope 2011 is indeed a significant mark for us and hopefully,it has put a smile on your face today! =)


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What do I do?

Dear joggers!

Here are some information for our dear joggers who have registered to run on that day!

What you need to do before and on that day?


1) Train for the event! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the route! Even though it’s SIX KM for most of you, it’s a hillside area and the entire stretch is NOT on level ground. Therefore, you should train before the 17th of July!

2) Check out the route! We would hate to see people getting lost on that day! Check out the route, and jog once round through!

Checkpoints are where you collect an item as proof , so please remember to collect the item, if not, even if you end up being the first, you will not be awarded with the prize. 

On the 17th July 2011

1) Find a parking spot.

Hartamas Shopping Complex has offered to open their carpark for the participants of Jog For Hope to park from 5:30am and it’s RM1 for the whole day! :)

2) Registration starts from 6:00am onwards!

Remember to bring your Taylor’s Receipt/Bank Slip with Issued Receipt Number and your IC/ Passport to collect your T-shirt and your serial number.

T-shirts are only available while stocks last.
PS.  The T-shirts are gorgeous! :P

3) Bag Deposit area is located  in front of the Front Desk of our campus. Your belongings can be stored there.
*Clause: at your own risk
JFH committee will not be held responsible for any losses.

4) A warm up session will be conducted by Fitness First personnels in front of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas.

Remember to do your own stretching before running as well! Anything that stretches your early morning tight muscles would help! :D

5) Flag off time is at 8.00 AM!

All the categories will be flag off at the same time.

6) Jogging and jogging and jogging. Who would NOT be tired after so much of jogging, running and panting? Worry not! There are First Aid Stations placed every 3KM of the of the route.

7) Remember to redeem the goodie bag with your serial number in our campus!!

Limited goodie bags, so be quick!  Also, it would be much appreciated if you would try not to cheat us and take more than your own. :D

8) Lucky Draw

As long as you are registered for Jog for Hope, you will be entitle to win attractive prizes! So please stay on till the end.

9) Check out our exhibition booths!

We will be having products booths where you can check out after of before the run, moreover, we will also be collecting donations on the spot for our charity bodies!

For more information, please proceed to our respective pages(allocated on the top of the page)
Hope to see you soon! =)

Shu Yi

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Dear Jog-For-Hope-2011-ers-who-hasn’t-signed-up!

We’re pleased to tell you that registration will still be open on the 17th July 2011! :)

The Itinerary page has been updated.

The Route page has also been updated.

I hope to see most of you guys there!

If you any inquiries, email us at jog4hope@gmail.com or leave a comment!

Shu Yi

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Not sure where is Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas?

No worries! Take a look at the map below!

-Click on it to enlarge it-

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We’re in TCSJ!!!

Hey YOU!!! Yeah YOU!!!

Studying in Taylor’s College Subang Jaya and want to join Jog for Hope?

Guess what!

We’re right outside the cafeteria!!!

You can spot us in our Jog for Hope Ts.

We’ll be here until 4.Yes, 4!!!

So what are you waiting for??? Sign up NOW!!!

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Missed us the last time?
FRET NOT, we’ll be coming to you again!!!

Don’t miss us this time, or you’d have to register on the spot on Jog for Hope 2011 day itself!
SIGN UP NOW to secure your free T-shirts, Goodiebags and get a chance to win awesome prizes!!!
What are you waiting for?


(btw, do click “Attending” on our FB page here. Thanks!)

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Paying online for Jog for Hope?

If so, HURRY!!! Because our online and bank transaction is closed on

WEDNESDAY 1159pm!!!

So what are you waiting for? Pay online now to save time!!!
Or you could head to Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, front desk to make payment.

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