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with only 9 hours left to the flag off of JOG FOR HOPE 2010,

the comitee members of JFH 2010 is currently in TCSH, setting up the place to ensure the event will be a blast for everyone tomorrow!

so dear runners (who really should be asleep right now! :O)

here’s a few simple reminders,

1. PLEASE COME EARLY to avoid the massive crowd, registration will begin at 6. we are expecting a crowd of over 700++!

2. BRING YOUR RECEIPT! however, if you had lost it already, dont worry, we got your name in our database, so its okay, however collection of tees will be faster if you have your receipt with you

3. BRING MINIMAL THINGS. we do have a bag deposit area, however, for your own safety and security, we do suggest you bringing as little things as possible.

4. RUN TOWARDS THE WINNER’S BOOTH. To ensure the fairness of our judging system, runners are required to run straight towards the winner’s booth where their time will be taken. the first one to reach the winner’s booth is the winner!

5. BRING ENOUGH CASH. We will be having game stations and also products booths where you can check out after of before the run, moreover, we will also be collecting donations tomorrow for our charity bodies!

6. HAVE FUN. of course, thats the most important element right now isnt it, to have fun while doing good! ;)




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No dogs?!

Dear runners,

We have less than two days before our event!

If you still have not registered, we’ll be at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas from 8AM Saturday morning till 8AM SUNDAY morning! Yes, we are staying overnight to complete all preparations for Jog For Hope! :)

Apart from that, the really weird title is there because even though we’re raising funds for Paws Animal Welfare Society, we will not be allowing your beloved pets to be running side by side with you. This is to ensure that no pets will be harmed when you’re running and preventing other people from sneezing who have fur allergies. :D


When you’re the first to complete the route (aka you’re a winner) you run directly into the WINNERS BOOTH which is located directly in front of the stage to collect your WINNER’S CARD.

This is really important to ensure that you’ll be acknowledged as the true winner of the run. :)


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Still open!

Dear Jog-For-Hope-2010-ers-who-hasn’t-signed-up!

We’re pleased to tell you that registration will still be open on the 18th of July! :)

The Timetable page has been updated.

The Route page has also been updated.

Things you should do when you arrive on the 18th of July.

Things You Should Do On The Sunday

  1. Find parking! Hartamas Shopping Complex would be open from 5.30am onwards. It’s RM1 for the entire day. Perhaps you could go have some lunch at HSC after you finish your jog!
  2. Head on to the entrance of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas to register yourself!
  3. You can change into the t-shirt if you want to! The toilets are located at the back of the college. Near the rear entrance.
  4. If you have brought along a bag, you can head to the bag deposit area inside the college to deposit your bags.
  5. You can start doing your own warm ups in front of college near the stage! At 7.55am, Celebrity Fitness personnel will be leading a warm-up session before flag off!
  6. Then it’s time to run! :)

I hope to see most of you guys there!

If you any inquiries, email us at jogforhope@gmail.com or leave a comment!


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What do I do?!

Dear joggers!

We have less than a week till the day!

Here are some information for our dear joggers who have registered to run on that day!

What you need to do before and on that day?

Pre-Jog For Hope days

1) Train for the event! Like last year, the route for this year is the same. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the route! Even though it’s SIX KM for most of you, it’s a hillside area and the entire stretch is NOT on level ground. Therefore, you should train before the 18th of July!

2) Check out the route! We would hate to see people getting lost on that day! Check out the route, and jog once round through!
First aid stations also double as a water station.
Checkpoints are where you collect an item as proof that you had went through the checkpoint, so please remember to collect the item, if not, even if you end up being the first, you will not be awarded with the prize. The main water stations are placed with the checkpoints.

On the 18th of July 2010

1) First thing you should do, is find a parking spot. Hartamas Shopping Complex has offered to open their carpark for the participants of Jog For Hope to park at 6 o’clock in the morning! Regular parking fees still apply, but since it’s a Sunday, it’s RM1 for the whole day! :)
However, the roads are going to be blocked from 8.00 AM onwards to ensure the runners are safe and sound within the area concerned. So please be punctual!

2) Registration starts from 6.00 onwards! Remember to bring your RECEIPT and your IC/ Passport to collect your T-shirt and your numberings.
T-shirts are only available while stocks last.
Let me remind you, the T-shirts are gorgeous! :P

3) If you have any valuables you want to store, please head over to the bag keeping area within the college compound. The bag keeping area would be in front of the Front Desk.

4) A warm up session will be conducted by Celebrity Fitness personnels in front of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas. Remember to do your own stretching before running as well! Anything that stretches your early morning tight muscles would help! :D

5) Flag off time! At 8.00 AM, the OPEN category will be flagged off first! After a short wait of 10 minutes, the other participants will then be flagged off! Run, run for your life, run for hope!

6) Jogging and jogging and jogging. Who would NOT be tired after so much of jogging, running and panting? Worry not! There are First Aid Stations placed every 1KM of the of the route. Make sure you drink lotsa water these few days, just to ensure your own safety.

7) Then, you can go collect your stuffs from the bag keeping area after you’ve finished your run!

8) To reward yourself for running that long of a distance, head on over to the counters to collect your goodie bags! Remember to pass back your number tag to collect your goodie bag. As there are limited amount of goodie bags, it would be much appreciated if you would try not to cheat us and take more than your own. :D

9) Apart from the jogging, there are also booths being set up by our sponsors! L’affair and Nature Valley. Be sure to check out these wonderful people as they had sponsored us with mega lots of things! So be nice, and go ahead and visit those booths. :P

10) There is also an exhibition booth, set up by the PAWS, 1Taylor’s Community Project and the Tree Huggers to find out about what we do, what they do, and what all of us do. :D

There will be a page on the timetable will be set up. :)


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Students of Taylor’s Lakeside campus!

the jog for hope team will be present at your college tomorow from 10 a.m. onwards, around the ECA office!
so, feel free to approach us to sign up!

students of MCKL,
we will be present at your college in the morning around 11 a.m. to collect the registration forms.
You may hand your registration forms to the fellow recruiters if the timing isnt convenient for you. We will issue you the receipt via your recruiter. hence, please insist for your receipt.
for more information , please refer to : 
Chia Chea (CAL)
Lee Wen Han (CAL)
Teh Hwee Phen (CAL)
Ong Jou Ee (CAL)
Joel Ngui (CAL)
Students of HELP,
we will be present in your college after around 1p.m. to collect registration forms.
we will be at HELP A levels block KPD E LEVEL 2
 Likewise, you may hand your form and the money to fellow recruiters, and the receipt will be issued via your recruiter. Hence, remember to take your receipt from the recruiter.
For more information , please refer to :
Bianca Ong Cyn Ju (CAL)
Russell Pang (CAL)
Choong Sheue Li (CAL)
Shaun Tan (CAL)

See you then! (:
any question?
email us at jogforhope@gmail.com or leave a comment!

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gentle reminder

Attention students of :

the Jog For Hope Team will be coming to your college this Friday!
We will enclose the time soon, so please check this webpage!

Attention students of :

Registration will continue for the following two weeks in the CARPARK of your college.
So please check out our booth there !
we will be open everyday from 11 to 1 , with the exception of Tuesday (10-11) and Thursday (10-11)

This week, the Jog For Hope team realised many is unaware of what the 1 Taylor’s Community Project is all about.

to answer your questions!

About the Community

The Kelabit, at approximately 5,000 people, is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Bario, Sarawak. Bario is located in the centre of the Kelabit Highlands in the north east of Sarawak, Malaysia. Like many other indigenous communities in Sarawak, the Kelabit live in longhouses in the highlands. However, due to economic and social factors, many have migrated to live in urban areas over the last 20 years. Approximately, 1,200 Kelabit are still living in the highlands. Bario lack constant supply of basic utilities. Besides the Celcom network coverage, there is no telecommunication service provided at Bario. Water supply is through gravity-fed system and thus they rely on rainwater and river water for their supply. Limited electricity supply is provided through diesel generators and solar-panels. Kids at Bario also lack basic facilities that are required for boarding and schooling.

please click here to view gallery.

In line with our purpose statement, “To educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community”, Taylor’s University College has undertaken this project to build a hostel for SK Bario, as our continuous engagement with the local community who are not privileged to have adequate education that can change their standard of living and hence move them above the poverty line.

Thus, the objective of the trip (as proposed in the gallery) is: (a) To understand the needs and requirement of the school at Bario; (b) To understand the current constraints and/or resources in building a hostel in Bario; and (c) To understand the conditions affecting the building of a hostel in Bario.

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18 more days!

Hello fellow joggers!

Where will the JOGFORHOPE2010 Team be at this weekend?

Look out for us at

Kiara Park, Taman Tun Dr Ismail this

SATURDAY(3rd July)

from 8. a.m. onwards.

We will be having a registration booth at the main entrance,  so do drop by to say hi and sign up! :D

If you’re not heading towards Kiara Park,

We will be having a registration booth at the main entrance of Bukit Aman this

SUNDAY (4th July)

from 8 a.m. onwards.

See you then fellow joggers!
meanwhile, happy jogging! (:

and again, a gentle reminder. Registration forms can now be printed from this webpage!(click click click!)

PS : Donations and registrations can now be made via direct deposit. For more information, please refer to Ms Dachaini at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas
Off: 03 – 62030168 ext 214

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